Carolyn + Tim | A Bright Floral Wedding near Plymouth, New Hampshire | Waukewan Golf Club

Carolyn and Tim’s wedding day was laid back, full of sweet friends and family and I honestly can’t think of anything that could have made their day any better (even if the wind was a little challenging at times!). There is so much I love about their wedding, and I think the biggest thing that stood out to me was the sense of home that I felt when I was surrounded by their families.

When I walked into the home where Carolyn would be getting ready for her big day, I was immediately greeted by her dad, Joe, and felt so incredibly welcomed! His gentle personality and warm welcome set the tone for the entire day. A lot of times I walk in to wedding day chaos in full swing, but there was no ounce of pressure radiating off of anyone throughout the entire day.

I found Carolyn upstairs going through the final stages of getting ready before putting on her dress, and was greeted by all her bridesmaids, a few of her brothers and her incredibly sweet mom, Maureen! I can’t tell you how good it felt to show up to serve such a sweet group of people. I honestly wasn’t prepared for the welcomed hellos, as I always expect people to be too rushed and busy with getting ready to go. But I embraced the interaction and felt so comfortable being welcomed in for the day!!

Simple elegance is what comes to mind when I think about Tim and Carolyn’s wedding. Her wedding gown was her mother’s from her wedding day, and it fit her so perfectly! It was exactly what I pictured her in! She complimented the design of the dress with a two tier cathedral veil (my heart nearly exploded when I saw it!! If you know me, you know I LOVE cathedral veils!!!) and easy slipper flats that I thought were just amazing! One of my most favorite details of the entire day was the florals that she picked out. The bright colors and thick bouquet is what I dream of photographing at every wedding… the greenery was beautiful and the pops of pink, orange and blue screamed summer!

Another favorite of the entire day was the fact that the church that they married in was not only their family church which made the ceremony extra special, but it was literally a 3 minute walk from their house to the altar! It was a surprise to me when Joe shared they would be walking to the ceremony (because I was over there thinking it would be kind of a hike for Carolyn in her dress lol!), but it was one of my favorite highlights of the day. Among their street were neighbors and friends who stood out on their driveways to see her off to her ceremony, sending well wishes, excitement and congratulations. The sense of community was admirable, and I only hope to live in a community like that in the future!

Tim and Carolyn’s families expressed nothing but pure joy and sincere emotion throughout the day. Tears of happiness during their ceremony, screams of joy as the DJ announced them into their reception and their megawatt smiles as they watched the bride and groom portraits go underway with the mountain view as their backdrop.

To the Ebner’s and the Seida’s, thank you all for welcoming me to serve you all on the start of an incredible new season of life for Carolyn and Tim, and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from the wedding!!

xo – Jess

A quick gift exchange right before the dress went on!
I LOVED the space where she got ready to go! The color of the walls matched perfectly with her bouquet and that mirror was exactly what I wanted in a getting ready suite!!
Carolyn did a first look with her dad and it was just the sweetest!!
Carolyn is just so gorgeous and has such an infectious smile!!
Tell me these florals were just stunning!!?
The clouds and spits of rain stopped right before they walked down the street to the church!
Proud dad!!
I usually don’t share many family formals from the day, but I just felt so lucky to serve these families and wanted to share a few more than I normally do!
This wedding party was so easy and so much fun! I loved their enthusiasm for everything I suggested!
The wind was a little challenging at times but I loved what it did with the veil in a lot of these photos!!
One of my very favorites from the entire day!!
Tim and Carolyn are literally just so sweet. Their gentle love and excitement for one another was just so incredible to witness!
The way that they danced just melted me… so so in love!

Church: St. Matthew Church – Plymouth, NH

Reception: Waukewan Golf Club – Center Harbor, NH

Florals: Fleurish

Cake/Dessert: Borger’s Cakes and Bakes

DJ: Chris IaLuna (Luna Eclipse DJ Services)

Hair: Common Man Inn + Spa

Catering: The Common Man

Bridesmaids Dresses: Calvin Klein

Rings: J.R. Fox Jewelers

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